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“Climbing Your Own Everests” 
Leadership Workshop References

“By far, the best leadership seminar I have ever attended.”

Pam Wilson, Customer Engineering District Manager, HP, Santa Clara


“This workshop has really stuck with me – I have incorporated what I learned into my daily work because it really is inspiring and useful.”

Janie Bradford, HP Laboratories, Palo Alto


“It was the best training event I’ve attended in my thirteen years at HP.”

Marcy Alstott, New Product Program Manager, Hewlett Packard, Exeter, NH


“The variety of presentations and activities, the changes in pace and locale made the workshop vital, challenging, motivating and fun. We left with improved morale in the face of change, a clear vision of our individual goals, and the feeling that we could begin to make a difference.”

Dolores M. Kulike, Branch of Geophysics, U.S. Dept. of the Interior


“Your class did much more for me than ‘define a personal vision.’ It literally laid the foundation for personal control and leadership.”

Teddy Ezzell, Sales Program Manager, CoCreate Software,  Fort Collins, CO


“The entire atmosphere provided a participative and fun team-building environment. Our sales force was able to create our future vision as a team and look at new possibilities for our group.”

Frank Di Pietro, Information Storage District Manager, HP, Mountain View


“Each of the participants commented on how the class has stimulated their level of motivation and provided a clear vision of goals that they need to work for the future.”

Martin Lind, , Corporate Human Resources, Carnation, Glendale, CA

Mt. Everest (29,002 feet)