1. Beginnings:
First adventures in the Pacific Northwest and Peru while at Reed College and MIT.
1964 to 1967 (Chapters 1-5)

2. Berkeley years:
Summiting Mt. Waddington
in British Columbia.

1967-69 (Chapters 6,7)

3. Denali Damsels:
Becoming a leader during the first all-woman ascent of the highest mountain in North America.
1970 (Chapters 8-10)

4. Endless Winter:
Following a vision, fifteen months of climbing around the world.

1971-73 (Chapters 11-14)

5. Peak Lenin:
200 top climbers meet for a camp in the high Pamir range of central Asia and find unprecedented storms and avalanches.
1974 (Chapters 15, 16)

6. Trisul:
A straightforward climb of a 23,400-foot peak in India comes to a tragic conclusion.
1975 (Chapter 17)
7. Everest:
Building the team and climbing to
24,500 feet on the second American ascent.
1976 (Chapter 18)

8. Annapurna:
Leading a team of women on the first American ascent of the world’s tenth highest and perhaps most dangerous mountain.
1978 (Chapter 19)

9. Bhrigupanth:
Leading the first ascent of a 22,000-foot ice peak in India with an international women’s team.
1980 (Chapter 20)

10. Himalayan Traverse:
Making the first trek across the Himalayas of Bhutan, Nepal, and India with Hugh Swift.
1981-82 (Chapters 21,22)

11. Baby Alps:
Carrying baby Annalise across the European Alps with partner Rob Gomersall.
1987 (Chapters 23-24)

12. Epilog:
Resolutions of family mysteries; appreciation to friends; and future climbs.
(Chapter 25, epilog and acknowledgements)