Leadership Workshops: "Climbing Your Own Everests”

Please see our references and outline of content for a one day workshop.

Develop team building and leadership skills to transform your organization

These unique experiential workshops takes participants on an expedition of discovery: leadership, communication, and team building. 

The classes are based on Dr. Arlene Blum's experiences in leading scientific research teams and Himalayan mountaineering expeditions, as well as current research on leadership and team development. Her memorable stories of leadership in dramatic situations illustrate the power of clear vision and effective interpersonal skills.

Participants use hands-on activities, case studies, and their own experience to define their values and vision for the future. The activities and group problem solving lead to the formation of an energized and united team. Participants return to their workplace highly motivated and with an action plan to use their new skills and to implement their vision.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Define and communicate their vision for the future
  • Lead more effectively in times of change
  • Identify their own leadership strengths and weaknesses
  • Build more productive teams
  • Enjoy themselves while working hard
Mt. Everest (29,002 feet)