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Lectures, Workshops, and New Projects
Berkeley Campus Green Science Policy
Learn about Arlene's current expedition: to protect our health from Six Classes containing harmful chemicals to reach the summit of a healthier world for all.
Keynote Lectures Keynote Lectures
Apply mountaineering strategies and tactics to achieve your personal and professional goals.
Cross-Cultural Workshops Cross-Cultural Workshops
Learn to communicate and work effectively in a global environment.
Leadership Workshops Leadership Workshops
Climbing Your Own Everests
Develop team building and leadership skills to transform your organization and your life.
Breaking New Trails Breaking New Trails
Share Arlene Blum's visions for creating a better world.

Meet Arlene Blum
Biophysical chemist, author and mountaineer

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Arlene's award winning memoir, Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life

Introduction, reviews, & information

Revised paperback edition with new photos, text, and index

To view a photo adventure from Breaking Trail, Click here


Denali Trisul Everest Annapurna
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Chapter 17
Chapter 18
Chapter 19
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